Kinnikinnick Foods Ginger Snap Cookies

I am happy to share this gluten free product review with you today, my friends. As I write this, I am sitting at my computer, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying Kinnikinnick Foods Ginger Snap Cookies. Maybe I haven't made the healthiest choice for lunch today, but I can't stop eating them :)

Ease of Use

So easy that your two year old and your great grandmother could enjoy them together with no effort exerted between the two of them.


These little gems are brown and about two inches in diameter. I really wish there were more to say here...moving on!

Taste and Texture

Kinnikinnick Foods Ginger Snap Cookies are what every gluten free cookie should be! They are sweet and spicy, even leaving a tad bit of heat in your mouth. The texture is even better than the flavor! They are light and crisp, without being hard. They are pure joy to eat.


Kinnikinnick Foods Ginger Snap Cookies are great for ice cream sandwiches and pie crusts! When pumpkin season comes around again they will definitely be making the base for my pumpkin cheesecake! (They're really good to eat at the computer with a cup of coffee too)

Overall Value

Kinnikinnick Foods Ginger Snap Cookies come in a 24 pack for less than $4. I pronounce them a good value!


Since I am now out of cookies, I can honestly tell you that I'm thinking about buying a new package. I love them! (By the way, I didn't eat the WHOLE package today. They actually lasted a few days)

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