Betty Crocker Gluten Free All Purpose Rice Flour Blend

Betty Crocker has worked hard for years to be the go-to company for baking mixes. A few years ago, they also decided to take care of us gluten free folks by adding a whole line of gluten free mixes. I have tried and reviewed most of them, and have been fairly impressed so far. Well, now Betty Crocker has extended their gluten free offerings with a new sugar cookie mix and an all purpose rice flour blend. I was most surprised to see the rice flour blend. After all, what’s left after gluten free Bisquik? A lot, apparently :)

I am a member of MyBlogSpark, and have enjoyed this for years since they give me a heads-up about all sorts of new products. When they sent me the email letting me know about this new Betty Crocker Gluten Free All Purpose Rice Flour Blend, you know I had to try it!

Gluten Free Whisk Bliss from Shirley J

Gluten Free Whisk Bliss is a universal cooking base that makes seriously creamy sauces, cream soups and creamy-type ingredients for other recipes. It is free from trans fats, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and MSG. It is also my new favorite kitchen ingredient.

I want to start this review with a warning: This review is for a product so amazing that it will sound like an advertisement. There, I said it. There is nothing that makes me happier than creamy sauces (on anything and everything), and this product delivers just that. I promise, Shirley J did send me the Gluten Free Whisk Bliss to try for free, but I am not obligated to write a good review and I am certainly not a paid spokesperson… Though, at this point I wouldn’t turn down the offer. I honestly adore this product. The other day I saw a post on Facebook asking what gluten free product I would most like to have a lifetime supply of and, I have to say, Gluten Free Whisk Bliss wins, hands down! You could just stop reading here and order the product for yourself, but I have plenty more gushing to do...

Mugging! Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Cake from Shirley J

A few weeks ago, I got an email that made me giggle like a little school girl. It was from a company that I had never heard of, asking me if I’d have any interest in trying a couple of their products. The products named were Mugging! Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Cake and Gluten Free Whisk Bliss, and the company is Shirley J. Well, I checked the links to the website to get an idea of what these products were and I’m telling you that I couldn’t reply fast enough with a resounding YES!

Mugging! Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Cake is a super quick gluten free brownie mix that you make in individual mugs. This stuff is pure fun! D.D. and I could not wait for this package to arrive. As usual, in the interest of full disclosure: This product was sent to me by Shirley J to try. I am under no obligation to give a favorable review, pander to the company or sell my firstborn.

Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Carts

 There’s another product review on the table today, my friends. This time it is the noodle cart style

entrees from Thai Kitchen. You may have tried some of the dry noodle soup offerings from Thai Kitchen - What we refer to in our house as "gluten free ramen”. The noodle cart meals are a little different, though.

Bella Lucia Gluten Free Pizzelles: Anise Flavor

I have not had a pizzelle in so long that I forgot they existed. It was pretty exciting to see them waiting for me on the shelf after Poj went shopping this week. D.D. couldn't wait to tear into the package since she had never tried this type of cookie before and was completely unfamiliar with anise. I tried to tell her that it was the same flavor as black licorice, but she's been gluten free for so long she barely knows what licorice is. Oh well, one more chance to educate her tastebuds, right?