WOW Chocolate Brownies

It is no secret that my house is full of chocolate lovers. As such, there are few things we appreciate more than a great brownie. Brownies are that happy place where fudge meets cake and everyone can rejoice in the pure yumminess of it all. This week, my husband handed me a package of gluten free chocolate brownies from WOW Baking Company that blew the top off of any other brownie I have ever had. Seriously, these things are so good that I kept them next to my desk so I could grab one whenever.

Schar Ciabatta Parbaked Rolls

A couple weeks ago, D.D. and I had a shopping day. She needed some new summer clothes and we needed some time together. We had a very strict budget (and she's a ten-year-old tomboy) so we decided to hit the thrift stores rather than the trendy shops. Well, thanks to superior bargain sniffing skills, we came in way under budget. Somehow we ended up at the grocery store with the surplus... Yes, we are big enough food geeks to spend the extra money in a grocery store.

We had a lot of fun! There were so many treats on the shelves that I hadn't seen yet that we spent an hour making choices. Surprisingly, I have not been disappointed by any of them, including today's gluten free product review: Schar Ciabatta Rolls.

Regular readers of GFPR will probably have noticed that I don't do many bread reviews. This is because I am a total bread snob and most gluten free bread is not so great. I get nervous whenever it comes to trying new gluten free bread, and I avoid it. Occasionally, though, I have to branch out a bit and these rolls looked good! Besides, D.D. reminded me that it had been too long since we had made any Ultimo Egg Sammiches- and you need good, sturdy rolls for that.   

Kinnikinnick Vanilla Glazed Gluten Free Donuts

I am more than excited about today's gluten free product review. Until I found these, I had been donut free for two years. That is just not okay! D.D. and I argued a bit over whether to get the vanilla or the chocolate first, but luckily she was distracted by some ice cream just in time :)

I'm not trying to get sappy or anything, but Kinnikinnick Vanilla Glazed Gluten Free Donuts provided me with an unexpected smile. I live right down the street from one of the best donut shops in the city. Before going gluten free it was a fun treat for D.D. and I to stop in and grab a couple donuts on our way to whatever adventures the day held. I didn't realize how much I missed this until I got to share a donut with my daughter again this week, and it tasted good! It was a small reminder that it really is the little things in life that make the difference.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

More great stuff from Tropical Traditions today, folks! Since the change of seasons I have been all about the hair. I have super long hair that I love, except that I get these crispy ends. (yes, CRISPY!) Even right after a trim. I think it's some strange combination of heat, humidity and sneaky little end-crisping gnomes. Whatever the cause, I found the solution in Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.

Glutino Pretzels

Gluten free snacks! Is there anything better than crunchy, munchy snacks? Not for me! Today, I offer for your product reviewing pleasure: Glutino gluten free pretzels. These babies come in three flavors: twists, sticks and sesame- all are equally happy :)

Tandoor Chef

I have been away for a long time! My dad had surgery on his knee a few weeks ago and I have been spending a lot of time at "The Ranch" with him. I loved the time, even though it kept me away from GFPR. Good news is, I ate a lot of food so I have a lot of reviews coming up :)

The gluten free product review for today is one that was fun for me to explore. Tandoor Chef sent me several of their gluten free frozen entrees to try (Disclaimer guy says: Although this product was sent to me, I was under no obligation to give a review- good or otherwise...) Not all of the products that Tandoor Chef makes are gluten free, so make sure to check the label and ingredients before you buy. (Tandoor Chef makes this easy by labeling each product with gluten free, vegan, medium spiced, etc. on the front of the box.)

I have never had much experience with Indian Cuisine so I was a bit nervous about venturing into unknown territory. D.D. loves anything that involves chicken, so she jumped right in. We both ended up enjoying the experience. We sat at the table together dipping bread in the sauce of two of the gluten free frozen entrees and discussing everything from complex spicy flavors to life in general. As for the food itself, well, read on: