WOW Chocolate Brownies

It is no secret that my house is full of chocolate lovers. As such, there are few things we appreciate more than a great brownie. Brownies are that happy place where fudge meets cake and everyone can rejoice in the pure yumminess of it all. This week, my husband handed me a package of gluten free chocolate brownies from WOW Baking Company that blew the top off of any other brownie I have ever had. Seriously, these things are so good that I kept them next to my desk so I could grab one whenever.

Ease of Use

WOW gluten free chocolate brownies come from the freezer case in the grocery store. I didn't realize that at first, so the first one I ate was frozen. It is still a toss up as to whether I like them frozen or thawed better. 


WOW Baking- Chocolate Brownies Cookies, All Natural, Wheat & Gluten Free, 12 oz tubI can't say that these gluten free brownies are pretty, really, they look like fudgy brownies.

Taste and Texture

WOW Chocolate Brownies literally melt in your mouth. They are so rich and fudgy. It's like eating fudge, but without the sugar overload. The only issue I had (especially when eating them frozen) was the fact that the chocolate chips in the brownies were a bit unexpected and broke the flow of the chewy meltiness.


There are several uses, I'm sure, but the only thing I'm thinking of is ice cream sammiches! So good! One more thought, D.D. just walked in and suggested that we use the last two brownies to make melted marshmallow sandwiches at our cookout tonight- She IS brilliant!

Overall Value

Each tub of gluten free WOW Chocolate Brownie goodness is $5.99. That will get you about a dozen brownies.


I'm sure it is fairly obvious how much I love WOW Chocolate Brownies. Everyone, gluten free or not, needs to try these at least once.

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