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I have been away for a long time! My dad had surgery on his knee a few weeks ago and I have been spending a lot of time at "The Ranch" with him. I loved the time, even though it kept me away from GFPR. Good news is, I ate a lot of food so I have a lot of reviews coming up :)

The gluten free product review for today is one that was fun for me to explore. Tandoor Chef sent me several of their gluten free frozen entrees to try (Disclaimer guy says: Although this product was sent to me, I was under no obligation to give a review- good or otherwise...) Not all of the products that Tandoor Chef makes are gluten free, so make sure to check the label and ingredients before you buy. (Tandoor Chef makes this easy by labeling each product with gluten free, vegan, medium spiced, etc. on the front of the box.)

I have never had much experience with Indian Cuisine so I was a bit nervous about venturing into unknown territory. D.D. loves anything that involves chicken, so she jumped right in. We both ended up enjoying the experience. We sat at the table together dipping bread in the sauce of two of the gluten free frozen entrees and discussing everything from complex spicy flavors to life in general. As for the food itself, well, read on:

Ease of Use

In the grand tradition of frozen entrees (gluten free or otherwise) Tandoor Chef makes preparation super easy. Pull the tray out of the box, puncture the plastic and heat for about five minutes. Once heated, pull off the plastic, stir and eat.


The gluten free food I received from Tandoor Chef fell in the color scheme of either orange or green :) The orange ones were a heavily spiced, creamy, bisque-like sauce with yummy chunks of either cheese or chicken in  them. The green ones were creamed spinach, again with chicken or cheese.

Looking at them, D.D. was put off by the appearance of the creamed spinach. I had to talk her into taking a taste. Once she tried it, though...

Taste and Texture

I have to admit to being very impressed by the quality and flavor of all of the Tandoor Chef gluten free frozen entrees. Usually frozen meals are a bit lacking, but these were not. The flavors were rich, bold, spicy and fresh. There was not a bit of mushy-yuck in any of them. (Not even the Pad Thai, which was delightful) The "homemade style cheese" had a nice bite and texture to it. The chicken was all very tender and all of the sauces were downright addictive! Even D.D., who avoids spicy food like the plague, kept coming back for more. (The spinach ended up being a favorite.)


I'm not sure where to go with this one... The gluten free food made by Tandoor Chef definitely is more on the side of convenient than versatile.

Overall Value

Tough call here. Each box will ring up at almost five dollars, but the portions are deceptively large. The day that D.D. and I split two between us we had leftovers.


I highly recommend the gluten free offerings from Tandoor Chef. They were a whole new adventure in eating and they even pleased a ten-year-old's palate.

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