Mr. Man's Menu

Let’s face it, we’re not made of money... Well you may be, but I’m not! Specially made gluten free products can be pretty expensive and sometimes hard to find. Not only that, but occasionally there is comfort to be found by shopping in the “regular” grocery store isles. That being said, I have decided that it’s time to branch out a bit on GFPR. Now, along with all of the great gluten free products you find here already, I will also be reviewing “regular” products that just happen to be gluten free. They will be found in the directory under Mr. Man’s Menu.

To do this, I have hired on a new assistant: Everyone, meet Mr. Man!
Mr. Man is a fun and informative guy who will be appearing on product reviews that aren’t for specially made products. He’ll be there to let you know that the product you are looking at can be found in most any grocery store.

Mr. Man has another job, though. He also wants to serve as a reminder. Even though the ingredients in these products will check out as gluten free at the time of publication, that may change later. When you see Mr. Man on a review, let him remind you to always check the label before buying any product to make sure it is still gluten free.

Dinty Moore Beef Stew
Kellog's Strawberry Slam Yogos Bits