Rating Criteria

In life, you get a much better idea of things if you weigh everything on the same scale. In an effort to give a fair review to each product, I have chosen five points on which to base my rating criteria. They are: 
  • Ease of Use
  • Appearance (finished product)
  • Taste and Texture (for food)
  • Scent and Texture (for non-food items)
  • Versatility
  • Overall Value
These points average together to create the overall rating (Love it, Recommended, Not Recommended) which is provided for quick reference in each review.


LOVE IT! These are the products that stock my own home, things I wouldn't go without. 

Recommended- These products are good, maybe even great. They should definitely be explored.

Not Recommended- Unfortunately, from time to time I will come across products that are either too expensive or just plain yucky. I refuse to sign my name to them.


All reviews are done by me and the opinions in this blog are my own. This in no way guarantees that anyone else will have the same results or experiences with with any of the products featured on this site.

From time to time, the products featured on this blog will be part of a gift pack sent to me by a company to try in hopes of receiving a review. No matter what company they come from, whether they were free or paid for out of my own pocket, I pride myself on honest reviews and will not let the origin of the products affect my final ratings.

I have been asked before about why there are so many reviews for certain companies. There are two main reasons for this:
  1. Most of the reviews I do are on products purchased on weekly shopping excursions. I try to vary the new things I try, but some products are more available in my area than others.
  2. From time to time I get sent a box of goodies, when that happens there will be a string of reviews for that company. This is due to the fact that I don't do combo reviews (unless it's the same item with many flavors). Some companies offer one product that is great, and another that may not be. If I lump all the products in one review then people don't get a real feel for what the brand offers. Besides, how would that work with the rating criteria?