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My name is Marissa Carter. Thanks for checking out this page to learn a bit more about me! When you are cruising through reviews, don't forget to leave me some comments so I can learn about you too :)

I am a foodie at heart. I love experimenting with new foods, flavors and recipes. The hardest part of going gluten free for me was not knowing what to eat. The days of simple recipe helpers like cream of chicken soup were over and half of the gluten free snacks I bought at the store were awful!

I felt like I was wading through a mine field, never knowing what would make me sick, what would be inedible and what choices were out there that actually tasted good. I started this gluten free product review blog with others like me in mind.

When searching for my own information, I noticed that there are a lot of food review blogs and a lot of gluten free blogs. There were very few blogs dedicated solely to gluten free reviews. Please don't think I am saying that the blogs out there aren't great, most of them are!

I wanted to create a blog that was just for gluten free reviews.  Not just food either, but all types of products.  So, here it is! It is a constant work in progress, and a project that I love to do. My hope is that it can help you a bit when navigating the gluten free mine field too.

To go on more gluten free adventures with me, check out my Kansas City Gluten Free Examiner column, my contributions to Gling.com, my 100% Gluten Free Blog and my website.

Thanks for reading! I hope you come back soon!

Marissa Carter

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  1. Thanks for reviewing our new GF Tenders! - Applegate

  2. Hi Marissa, I am a fellow Kansas City girl! I'm mentioning you're blog with a link in my most recent post on blogger. Small world! Love your blog. I'll check out your examiner page.