Katz Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Time again for a goody out of the Katz Gluten Free box! I’m not sure what I can say in introduction for this one besides chocolate and cupcake- yeah, D.D. was stoked :)

Katz Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think I have eaten enough gluten free chocolate chip cookies to be considered a connoisseur (who hasn’t. right?). That didn’t mean that I was any less happy to pull the chocolate chip cookies out of the Katz Gluten Free goody box :)

Katz Gluten Free Cinnamon Rugelech

Part of the fun of doing gluten free product reviews is all the new food that D.D. and I get to try. We are creatures of habit and if it weren’t for GFPR we would probably stick to the same stuff all the time. I love variety, and I love adventure. GFPR has given us an excuse to explore and have little adventures everyday.

Katz Gluten Free Rugeleh turned out to be a tasty adventure for both of us. If you can believe it, I actually had to talk my sugar-monster into tasting the rugeleh.

“A cross between a cookie and a cinnamon roll?!” she asked skeptically, “If you say so, Mom.”

I thought the hesitation a bit strange, but when it comes to food we all have our hang ups, right? She did taste them, and then kept tasting. I cut her off after four :)

Katz Gluten Free Marble Cake

Ease of Use

It should be super easy to eat Katz Gluten Free Marble Cake, and after the first serving it is :) When you first open the package, though, you ought to have a hammer and chisel, an exacto knife and some scissors handy. Okay, I am over-dramatizing, but this is some good packaging. The cake is baked in a paper liner (like muffins). Then it is wrapped in plastic and placed in a plastic snap-lid box, which is then wrapped in more plastic. This product does not get my green award, but it sure is air tight and fresh!

Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins

Regular GFPR readers will know that my daughter D.D. and I do most of our reviews together. We like to share each new food and talk about the flavors and textures we like (and don’t like). Both of our opinions put together make up the reviews that you see here... But not today. I have to confess that I did a mean mom thing and practically hid the Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins from D.D. I shared everything else in the box with her, but kind of counted these as a personal indulgence :)

She was pretty confused when she was digging through the cabinet and found that half of the muffins were missing. She turned to me and said, “When did we get these?”

I tell you, it was one of those rare parent-child role reversal moments. I got the guilty look of a cornered child and said nonchalantly, “Oh, those? They came in the box that Katz sent us.” At which point she sighed deeply and asked if she could have “at least one”. Of course I relented. Shame on me for trying to be selfish, right? It’s just that these muffins are perfect to go with my morning coffee, or afternoon smoothie, or whatever.... I’ll let the review itself tell the rest of why these gluten free muffins are a perfect mommy treat.