Katz Gluten Free Cinnamon Rugelech

Part of the fun of doing gluten free product reviews is all the new food that D.D. and I get to try. We are creatures of habit and if it weren’t for GFPR we would probably stick to the same stuff all the time. I love variety, and I love adventure. GFPR has given us an excuse to explore and have little adventures everyday.

Katz Gluten Free Rugeleh turned out to be a tasty adventure for both of us. If you can believe it, I actually had to talk my sugar-monster into tasting the rugeleh.

“A cross between a cookie and a cinnamon roll?!” she asked skeptically, “If you say so, Mom.”

I thought the hesitation a bit strange, but when it comes to food we all have our hang ups, right? She did taste them, and then kept tasting. I cut her off after four :)

Ease of Use

Katz Gluten Free Rugeleh comes ready to eat, right out of the container.


Yes, they do taste as good as they look :) Each one is approximately 2 inches in diameter- great size for munching.

Taste and Texture

We had the pleasure of trying the cinnamon flavor. It provided the perfect mix of cinnamon sugary goodness. The cinnamon was warm and delicious, the sugar was just the right amount of sweetness. The texture was amazing. So light and flakey, yet firm at the same time.


D.D. is certain that the resemblance to cinnamon rolls makes this gluten free rugeleh a breakfast food. I’m not so sure...

Overall Value

One box of Katz Gluten Free Rugeleh costs around $5.00. For that price, you get a fair amount of this tastiness.


We loved them!

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  1. Will have to see if I can find these, the kids will love them I am sure, thanks.