Katz Gluten Free Marble Cake

Ease of Use

It should be super easy to eat Katz Gluten Free Marble Cake, and after the first serving it is :) When you first open the package, though, you ought to have a hammer and chisel, an exacto knife and some scissors handy. Okay, I am over-dramatizing, but this is some good packaging. The cake is baked in a paper liner (like muffins). Then it is wrapped in plastic and placed in a plastic snap-lid box, which is then wrapped in more plastic. This product does not get my green award, but it sure is air tight and fresh!


I wish I had taken a picture of the pieces from the first half of the cake. Those pieces were more evenly marbled.

Taste and Texture

Katz Gluten Free Marble Cake offers a variety in taste and texture. The yellow cake is sweet and tasty, but a bit dry. The chocolate, on the other hand, was so moist that it was almost wet. It had a deep, rich flavor that was pretty intense. I found myself wishing that I could have a large chunk of the chocolate cake all by itself.


I have to admit that I am drawing a total blank on this one. Any ideas?

Overall Value

This gluten free marble cake sells for $5.19. That is not a bad price, really. It’s about average for any store-bought cake this size- gluten free or otherwise.


D.D. and I are both pretty fond of this cake.

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