Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins

Regular GFPR readers will know that my daughter D.D. and I do most of our reviews together. We like to share each new food and talk about the flavors and textures we like (and don’t like). Both of our opinions put together make up the reviews that you see here... But not today. I have to confess that I did a mean mom thing and practically hid the Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins from D.D. I shared everything else in the box with her, but kind of counted these as a personal indulgence :)

She was pretty confused when she was digging through the cabinet and found that half of the muffins were missing. She turned to me and said, “When did we get these?”

I tell you, it was one of those rare parent-child role reversal moments. I got the guilty look of a cornered child and said nonchalantly, “Oh, those? They came in the box that Katz sent us.” At which point she sighed deeply and asked if she could have “at least one”. Of course I relented. Shame on me for trying to be selfish, right? It’s just that these muffins are perfect to go with my morning coffee, or afternoon smoothie, or whatever.... I’ll let the review itself tell the rest of why these gluten free muffins are a perfect mommy treat.

Ease of Use

Take the muffin out of the package, peel off the paper and eat it. I do recommend that you have a plate or a napkin handy as a crumb catcher, though.


They look good, huh? Inside they have a fine crumb and dense texture.

Taste and Texture

Honey Muffin- enough said! Or maybe not :) These muffins (to me) are what you would get if you crossed a graham cracker with a spice cake and took out the gluten without affecting the flavor. They are dense and crumbly, but not dry at all. I’m more of a savory flavor person than sweet so I was thrilled to discover that Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins are not over-sweet. They are just sweet enough to satisfy, but not so much as to upset my stomach in the early morning.


Due to the fact that they are not too sweet, Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins make a perfect accompaniment to savory soups and stews. They are great for breakfast or snack time.

Overall Value

Katz Gluten Free Honey Muffins are $5.99 for a 6-pack, and worth every penny.


I love them! D.D. thought they were pretty tasty too (when she finally got one :)

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