Kellog's Strawberry Slam Yogos

The gluten free product review for today is another pick from Mr. Man. As usual, Mr. Man's menu items should have their ingredients labels double and triple checked before purchasing in case the ingredients change after posting. Yogos Bits are made by Kellog's, who says on their site that Yogos are manufactured gluten free and may be suitable for a gluten free diet. To me, that is legal-speak for, "If you get sick, please don't blame us." :)

I, personally am wickedly sensitive to contamination in any form and have never had an issue with eating Yogos Bits. D.D. and I eat them all the time- and enjoy them every time!

Ease of Use

Strawberry Slam Yogos Bits are packaged for individual servings, which makes them perfect to pack in lunches or snack on while working.


Yogos Bits are little colorful balls. The Strawberry Slam flavor comes in dark and light pink.

Taste and Texture

I haven't tried the other flavors of Yogos Bits, but Strawberry Slam is totally addictive! The outer coating of yogurt is not hard, but it is solid. It has a smooth, sweet flavor and is great to bite into. The chewy inside is a bit tangy. The combination of flavor and texture is amazing!


I really haven't explored this, I just eat them. I do think they would make pretty decorations for cakes. Especially since different flavors bring a plethora of color.

Overall Value

Each box of Yogos Bits has six individual packs and can be bought for just under $3. The individual servings are a good size for snacking. Not a bad deal, really.


I love 'em!


  1. A favorite snack with my grand kids, and they do work as cake decorations.