Schar Ciabatta Parbaked Rolls

A couple weeks ago, D.D. and I had a shopping day. She needed some new summer clothes and we needed some time together. We had a very strict budget (and she's a ten-year-old tomboy) so we decided to hit the thrift stores rather than the trendy shops. Well, thanks to superior bargain sniffing skills, we came in way under budget. Somehow we ended up at the grocery store with the surplus... Yes, we are big enough food geeks to spend the extra money in a grocery store.

We had a lot of fun! There were so many treats on the shelves that I hadn't seen yet that we spent an hour making choices. Surprisingly, I have not been disappointed by any of them, including today's gluten free product review: Schar Ciabatta Rolls.

Regular readers of GFPR will probably have noticed that I don't do many bread reviews. This is because I am a total bread snob and most gluten free bread is not so great. I get nervous whenever it comes to trying new gluten free bread, and I avoid it. Occasionally, though, I have to branch out a bit and these rolls looked good! Besides, D.D. reminded me that it had been too long since we had made any Ultimo Egg Sammiches- and you need good, sturdy rolls for that.   
Ease of Use
Schar Ciabatta Rolls are made to be baked in the oven before eating. Take the gluten free rolls out of the super-sealed package and put them on a cookie sheet. Bake the rolls for 8-10 minutes in a 400 degree oven. This is not a grab and go food, but they are worth the effort. Once the package is opened, the remaining rolls need to be refrigerated and eaten within five days.


These are cute little squares of gluten free roll goodness. Seriously, they are small, only about three inches long. They are light in color and all are uniformly shaped.

Taste and Texture

Schar Ciabatta Rolls have a slightly crusty outside and a soft and warm interior. They are very moist and tender. As seen in the picture, they have a textured crumb inside with plenty of nooks and crannys. They are not a bit dry or crumbly.

The flavor of these rolls was wonderful. I noticed a slightly sourdough-like flavor, which I love. D.D. and I both dug in with pleasure, and she was ready for "round two".


These are rolls. Gluten free rolls! That pretty much means that the sky is the limit as far as versatility is concerned. They are great for sandwiches (small ones), but definitely good enough to eat by themselves (dinner rolls to go with a roast beef dinner perhaps?)

Overall Value

Here's the rub- Schar Ciabatta Rolls are a bit pricey at about $6 for four. Since my food budget is as limited as my clothes budget, I won't be getting these gluten free rolls as often as I'd like.


I recommend Schar Ciabatta Rolls because they are mighty tasty.


  1. Thanks for the review Marissa.

    Not sure where you bought these rolls, but according to Schar the suggested retail price is $4.99

  2. I loooooove these things. Schar is my favorite, not only do their products taste awesome but many of them don't have eggs (which I can't eat and is rare to find in a lot of GF bread items!)

  3. *Note* The pricing I post on here is based on my personal findings at the time of posting. It is not meant to be exact, rather an approximate guide, since prices often vary by location.

    Thank you, random poster, for offering this added information:)

    Katie: I totally agree! I love products that are free from other allergens so that everyone in my family can eat together!