Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

More great stuff from Tropical Traditions today, folks! Since the change of seasons I have been all about the hair. I have super long hair that I love, except that I get these crispy ends. (yes, CRISPY!) Even right after a trim. I think it's some strange combination of heat, humidity and sneaky little end-crisping gnomes. Whatever the cause, I found the solution in Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.

Ease of Use

This varies a bit. When the oil is cold (ish) it is solid. I take a bit and rub it between my hands to liquify it. When the oil is warm, I just dip a couple fingers in the jar. Once my hands are oiled, I massage the oil all through my hair from the tips to the roots. I personally put a lot more on the ends than at the roots. I have to be careful not to use too much, though, more than a few drops and my hair goes from shiny to an oil spill.


When cool, the oil is solid and white. When warm, the oil is crystal clear.

Scent and Texture

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Hair Treatment has a light coconut scent, almost like toasted coconut. The texture is, well, oil.

When used in my hair, it almost seemed to thicken the strands. My hair felt strong and looked soft and shiny. The ends were no loger crispy, but did remain a little stiff. I'm still experimenting to see if long term use improves my hair even more.


Throughout the life of this blog, Tropical Traditions has definitely provided some very versatile products. The hair treatment is no exception. As far as I can tell, it is just pure coconut oil.I use it as a whole body moisturizer as well as a hair treatment. I do love the fact that I have an all in one product here that I can use head to toe and still snack on if the mood strikes :)

Overall Value

A 16oz. jar costs $19.95. If you use it like I do (even adding use for the body) it will last a very long time. I haven't even made a dent in my jar yet.


Recommended- Especially for people who are plagued by sneaky little end-crisping gnomes.

The Giveaway

If you are familiar with Tropical Traditions or GFPR, I'm sure you saw this coming- Tropical Traditions will send one lucky reader their very own jar of coconut oil hair treatment to try for themselves. First, though, Legal Guy says:
Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, 
and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation 
to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. 

To enter to win a jar of coconut oil hair treatment from Tropical Traditions, you must first use this link to sign up for their newsletter. After you've done that, come back here and leave a comment to tell me why you want it. (i.e. End-Crisping Gnomes, Split-End Sprites, Frizz Faeries, etc.) On Monday, June 28, 2010 I will compile the entries and have D.D. draw one at random out of a hat to be the winner.

One added note, if you post your entry using a profile URL, please make sure that the profile contains an email address for me to reach you. If I can't email you to get your address, there is no way for me to send you a prize, and then we are both sad. Good Luck-

This giveaway has been completed, Thank You!


  1. I'm signed up for their newsletter & I want it because my hair is super dry & frizzy!

  2. Signed up for TT newsletter
    My hair is dry, always unruly after shampooing, maybe this is the answer.
    cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

  3. As the warm weather near with humidity, my curls have a mind of their own.have no control hopefully this might help. My hair feel and look like I slept in the desert in the daytime.

  4. I subscribed to the newsletter and would love to win. My hair is naturally curly and tends to be very dry. I think this product would help a great deal.

  5. Texas heat & humidity is my hairs worst enemy!
    I have hair that tends to go on the wild side, part from the weather & the other from chemical treatments! I think this product would work great in my hair. Besides who doesn't like the smell of coconuts!!!

  6. I'm a subscriber of Tropical Traditions newsletter.

    I would love to win this because coconut oil seems to be the only product that controls & defines my long curly hair. Typically I use gel, mouse, cream or hairspray which makes my hair really stiff and hard.

  7. I would love to try this product because I have trouble with my skin - rosacea on my face and psoriasis on my scalp. I must use harsh shampoos every day to control the symptoms which leaves my hair fried. Thanks for the considerations.

  8. I've been swimming a lot already this summer and my hair is getting dry and is a tangled mess when it's wet. I'm growing my hair out and I want it to be healthy and soft! I'm buying this today. Maybe I'll be lucky and win too!

  9. Love the blog, great tips. And now the tropical traditions newsletter to enjoy. I'd like to try this product. I am trying to make my home chemical free this year and you would not believe what's in hair products. This look like a great, straight from nature choice. Thanks

  10. Omigosh I have super long hair too and I get the Crispies. I had no idea it had a name! LOL. I have long subscribed to Tropical Traditions. I would love me some of this. New to your blog. Stop by to say hi if you like. :)


    newmommiez at gmail dot com

  11. I love the smell of coconuts and my flat iron is not my friend!

  12. I get the TT newsletter & would love to have this as a leave-in conditioner for my daughter's kinky curly hair

  13. My hair has a fine texture and sometimes breaks easily. I treat it well, but would love to add a coconut treatment to help the strenth, moiture and frizziness I sometimes get. I hope I win!

  14. I subscribed to the newsletter. I'd love to win for my daughter who has very tight curls that LOVE coconut oil. I haven't tried this product and would love to see how it works for her. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

    denisebp at gmail dot com

  15. just subscribed to the news letter! Yay! thanks for the giveaway. I have been looking for a good coconut oil!

    cjsime007 at gmail dot com

  16. signed up for newsletter with tropical traditions via greenmommy1st, I love all things coconut, love the smell. I already use an all natural coconut cream hair paste to keep the spikes stiff through a diff company, lol. Would love to try this one, cuz I love TT's cooking oils, flours and pbutter.

  17. I'm signed up for the newsletter. I would love to try this as a leave in conditioner.

    matt4melis at hotmail dot com

  18. We have a winner! Thank you to all who entered. Please check back often to make sure you get in on the next great giveaway :)

  19. As an added note, I'm so glad that the winner is picked at random! You all have such good reasons and seem like nice people :) I could never just pick one.