Glutino Pretzels

Gluten free snacks! Is there anything better than crunchy, munchy snacks? Not for me! Today, I offer for your product reviewing pleasure: Glutino gluten free pretzels. These babies come in three flavors: twists, sticks and sesame- all are equally happy :)

Ease of Use

Too easy! An entire bag can disappear right before your eyes :)


They look suspiciously like pretzels... These little twists have marks on one side like they were grilled- interesting!

Taste and Texture

Crispy, crunchy, light and delicious. These taste and feel like "real" pretzels. Even my dad, who usually won't touch gluten free food liked them enough to grab another handful. He said in surprise, "They taste just like real pretzels!" Good job, Glutino :)


There are probably endless uses here, but let me share a couple of my favorites: Dip these gluten free pretzels in chocolate, wrap them in turkey, munch them by the handful or sit across the room from your daughter and see who can catch the most in their mouths :) I also saw a recipe the other day where crushed Glutino pretzels were used to coat baked chicken.

Overall Value

About five bucks for a large bag :) Makes me happy!


I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I have given Glutino gluten free pretzels the highest possible rating.

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