Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Carts

 There’s another product review on the table today, my friends. This time it is the noodle cart style

entrees from Thai Kitchen. You may have tried some of the dry noodle soup offerings from Thai Kitchen - What we refer to in our house as "gluten free ramen”. The noodle cart meals are a little different, though.

Ease of Use

These entrees come in little square containers, and contain deceptively large portions. There are several packets inside the container, so a little preparation is in order. First you open the rice noodle package and dump the noodles into the container. The noodles are moist inside the package, which surprised me a bit. Then you add the sauce, vegetables and 2 Tbs. water and microwave for 2 minutes. After the meal is cooked, give it a stir and sprinkle on the toppings (usually peanuts or sesame seeds).


The noodles are bright white rice noodles. They are a little sticky and very saucy.

Taste and Texture

I was surprised at how good these were. I’ve tried several flavors and haven’t been disappointed yet. The sauces are sweet, tangy and just a bit spicy. They make a great lunch for busy days at home, or any day at the office.

There is a negative aspect to the Thai Kitchen Noodle Carts, though. I love vegetables, and the little one inch square foil packet of dehydrated vegetables is not enough. They add just a bit of flavor and texture, but are more like a spice than anything. I added extra veggies to mine after the first try and really liked it. The good news is that if you’re not a vegetable person, then these will be perfect the way they are.


This is a simple meal-in-a-box. The versatility comes from the portability.

Overall Value

The price for Thai Kitchen Noodle Carts is pretty happy. They run about $3.50 each, which is less than what you would pay for lunch if you decided to go out. The portions are enough to be filling, but not so much that you will have any left overs.


Overall, I’d have to say that I recommend Noodle Carts to keep on hand in the pantry. I really enjoyed eating them and will definitely buy them again.

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