Bella Lucia Gluten Free Pizzelles: Anise Flavor

I have not had a pizzelle in so long that I forgot they existed. It was pretty exciting to see them waiting for me on the shelf after Poj went shopping this week. D.D. couldn't wait to tear into the package since she had never tried this type of cookie before and was completely unfamiliar with anise. I tried to tell her that it was the same flavor as black licorice, but she's been gluten free for so long she barely knows what licorice is. Oh well, one more chance to educate her tastebuds, right?

Ease of Use

Inside the re-closable clamshell package is a plastic wrapped stack of gluten free pizzelles. The clamshell is easy to open and close, but you might want to have a knife handy if you want to free the cookies from the inner plastic wrap without reducing them to crumbs.


Bella Lucia makes some beautiful gluten free pizzelles! They are thin and golden with a pretty flower/waffle pattern.

Taste and Texture

These anise pizzelles are an interesting taste experience. First, keep in mind that you really have to like anise to enjoy these cookies. The anise flavor is clear, pure and bright. It fills the mouth and the sinuses and hangs on for awhile. The pizzelles themselves are rich and buttery with a light, crisp texture that melts in your mouth (cliche, I know, but true).

D.D. wasn't fond of the anise flavor, but she liked the buttery flavor and texture of the cookie enough to have another. They were that good :)


The strong anise flavor limits the versatility of these cookies a bit. They would be wonderful as a light snack with a hot beverage, but the drink would have to have a bold flavor of it's own to create balance. I would also set these cookies out at small get-togethers and fancy parties. They are delicate and pretty enough to make guests feel special.

Overall Value

In this case gourmet flavor definitely comes with a gourmet price. You will pay over $7 for ten cookies.


These cookies were fun to eat and tasted delicious, but the price will keep me from buying them too often. 


  1. Bella Lucia's pizzelles are definitely worth the price! As the cookie crunches in your mouth and the flavor bursts, you should forget about the price and you should think, "I am definitely worth it"...

    1. Good call, Bobbie. We all deserve a little pampering now and then, and these cookies fit that description :)