Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream

The gluten free product review for today comes to us from Tropical Traditions. You won't be putting this one in your pantry, though. Nope, today I have, for your reading pleasure, Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream.

Ease of Use

Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream comes in an easy open container. It is nice and smooth, making it easy to apply to your face, hands and body. The only problem is that, while scooping out the moisturizer with my fingers, it gets under my nails (which I am not fond of).

It does take a minute or so to soak in. According to the jar this is due to the fact that there is no alcohol in the moisturizer.


Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream is smooth and creamy. It is slightly off-white in color.

Scent and Texture

Have I mentioned that Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream is smooth and creamy :) It really is very rich. The texture is great, it feels good to put on.

The scent is very light and clean. Being a big fan of warm scents like musk and vanilla, it wasn't my favorite. My daughter, and review sidekick, on the other hand, loved it! She tends more toward the cool scents and this one was perfect for her.


Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream is as versatile as a moisturizer can get. It's light enough to use on your face, yet moisturizing enough to beat the winter dryness on the rest of your body.

Overall Value

A 4oz. jar of Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream will set you back $14.50. This is a little pricey for my budget, but not bad for an all natural beauty aid.


I really like this moisturizing cream and recommend it to people who enjoy cool, fresh scents.


Tropical Traditions sent me the Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream to try. I was under no obligation to give a good review or sponsor a giveaway......
But why wouldn't I??? I LOVE giving things to my readers!

So, to enter to win your own 4oz. jar of Tropical Traditions Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream:
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  2. Leave a comment below telling why you could use a bit of tropical pampering. (Be sure to include a URL where you can be reached)
  3. Winner will be chosen at random from the comments below on March 3, 2010. The winner will be contacted for information about prize delivery.
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    1. Hi,

      Please enter me in the giveaway. Though India is abundant in terms of coconut, such a product is never found here. I blog about beauty and would love to use such an organic moisturising product.

      Do visit my blog glitterglamourgrace{dot}blogspot{dot}com

      Email: glitterglamourgrace{at}gmail{dot}com

      I have subscribed for the newsletter too.

    2. Signed up for the newsletter!
      my super sensitive skin could use a good moisturizer :)

    3. As an RN, I am frequently washing my hands. My hands become dry and cracked so easily. I have been looking for something to help moisturize my skin naturally, without chemicals. This sounds absolutely divine!


    4. Thanx..I have Celiac Disease and am looking for 'anything' to help me..this is a hard thing to deal with, but I am seeing many things to help us now..thanks for this site. I plan to try things soon.

    5. I just found out about Tropical Traditions and really like the products that they offer on their site. I signed up for their newsletter because of the great special offers they have like buy one get one free or a certain percentage off. I would love to win the moisturizing cream. I ordered their Virgin Coconut Oil for hair treatment because of a special. I love it as my hair and skin this time of year seems to be really dry. I'm sure the Baby Silk would work wonders on my skin. Thanks,
      Tasha (

    6. Hi!
      This is one product I haven't tried yet, but would love to. To answer your questions: I'm a customer and am already signed up for the newsletter. Why do I need tropical pampering? Well, I'm supposed to be on a beach right now enjoying a lengthy and well-deserved vacation, but our trip got canceled due to the flu, so I think I'm definitely due for some TLC! :)

    7. Hello, I found your blog through my Facebook link for this contest. Anyhow, I could definitely use some pampering due to the fact that I have very dry skin and I've tried so many different kinds of lotions to cure it, and none of them worked. I was always wary of the ingredients in these lotions, so I am looking to go more 'natural'...and I have signed up to receive Tropical Traditions newsletter!

    8. I am signed up for the newsletter.

    9. I would love this product for my dry heels.

    10. I love this cream. I just left the hospital to visit a dear friend.I left a jar for them to use on her face as it is dry and flaky. I use it daily on my feet and no dryness. I also do a lot of sewing and always have cracked thumbs; not anymore.

    11. Everyone has such good reasons that it makes me very glad this will be a random drawing!

    12. i'm already signed up for the Tropical Traditions Newsletter, and given the weather at this time of year, my hands especially need some TLC --- thank you for the chance!


    13. I am signed up for the Tropical Traditions newsletter.

    14. I just turned 50 last month and my skin is starting to show my age. I would like to use coconut products to keep my skin young.

    15. I'm signed up for the TT newsletter :)

    16. I could always use some pampering and moisturizer during the winter months when the heat makes my hands dry out until they crack and split. No fun!

    17. I get their newsletter. I think I need some tropical pampering because I have not had a legit vacation in over 5 years! LOL Thanks for the chance to win!
      one 4 earth at aol dot com

    18. pampering is always deserved for someone who works full-time in a cubicle right? haha I would just love to win this for my wife so I can pamper her too! getting their newsletter!
      nynekats at aol dot com

    19. I'm already signed up for the Tropical Traditions Newsletter.

      matt4melis at hotmail dot com

    20. why I could use a bit of tropical pampering...mother of 4, wife to 1...enough said! :)

      matt4melis at hotmail dot com

    21. We have a winner! I really wish I could've given a prize to everyone who entered. Everyone had really good reasons.

      On a side note, reading these comments has led me to two conclusions:
      1. We ALL need vacations.
      2. Winter is entirely too long, it's time for Spring to bring some suppleness back to our skin.

      Thank you to all who entered. I hope to see you all back for future giveaways!