Tefflecake Mix from Be Free Bakers

Te gluten free product review for today comes from a local bakery just getting it's start. Be Free Bakers tries hard to blur the lines between health food and tasty treats. Tefflecake Mix is a good representation of this goal.

Tefflecakes get their name from the teff flour that is used to make them. They are actually whole grain pancakes with a super cute name.

Ease of Use

Making the Tefflecakes was an adventure for my daughter and I. The directions were not as clear as I would have liked.

For instance, the directions called for 2-3 eggs. We debated for awhile whether two or three would be better. In the end, we decided to use two eggs (should've gone for three).

It took a couple more debates and a little finagling, but we managed to produce a usable batter.


Once mixed, the Tefflecake batter was thick and dark brown. After they were cooked, the Tefflecakes themselves were a deep chocolate brown. They looked thick and fluffy.

Taste and Texture

Tefflecakes turned out to be worth the work. They were light, fluffy, sweet and delicious. They had a whole grain flavor and texture that I have been missing.

We used vanilla soy milk to make the batter. That, combined with the vanilla extract called for created a heavenly smell.


There is plenty of room in the directions themselves to make different kinds of Tefflecakes. Other than that, I would need to experiment more before stating all of the things that Tefflecake Mix can be used for.

Overall Value

You can order Tefflecake Mix from Be Free Bakers online for $8. The mix will make about 30 pancakes.


I enjoyed my Tefflecakes. They were a refreshing change of pace :)

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