Katz Gluten Free Hamantaschen

Katz Gluten Free made my daughter very happy this week when they sent a box full of goodies. Our favorite product, and the first up for review is the Katz Gluten Free Hamantaschen in raspberry and apricot flavors.

This gluten free, nut free, dairy free and kosher bakery has introduced a new addiction to my household that will not be leaving any time soon. On to the review!

Ease of Use

Katz Gluten Free Hamantaschen are incredibly difficult to eat. I had to open a box and lift one all the way to my mouth... Okay, sarcasm aside, they were really hard to share. From the first bite I wanted to hide the box in my "private stash" and keep them all for myself.


Gluten Free Raspberry Hamantaschen ( 6 Oz.). I have decided that, fun though my descriptions are, a picture is worth a thousand words. Starting today, I will provide them whenever possible. One added note, this review covers both the raspberry (above) and apricot flavors. The main difference is that the apricot flavor has a golden filling. They look tasty, don't they?

Taste and Texture

Yummy yum yum! The soft cookie exterior has a soft texture that melts in your mouth. There is just the right amount of filling inside to make the flavors pop and roll in your mouth. The filling is pretty solid, which means there is no drippage on your favorite shirt.

The overall effect of Katz Gluten Free Hamantaschen is fantastic! There is no strange aftertaste or gluten free funk here, only sweet cookie goodness. My daughter, upon her first bite exclaimed, "You know what we have here? Gluten free Newtons!" From her that is high praise indeed.


Eat them in the morning, eat them at night, for a snack, dessert... I really can't think of anything they could be used for besides the deliciousness that they are, but that's really all they need to be to make me happy.

Overall Value
Katz Gluten Free Hamantaschen goes for $5.99 a box. With eight in a box that comes out to 75 cents per cookie, they are well worth every penny.


I love it!


  1. I WANT SANDWICH PETALS!!!!! How do I get them? Also, I had to search a long time (I'm OLD remember?) to find the thingy to click on to leave a comment... maybe make it a different color or bigger? More noticeable?

  2. Just for you, I changed to this box. Better? Thanks for the input, by the way :)