Allen's Seasoned Green Beans and Potatoes

Normally, I don't focus on canned vegetables for GFPR since most of them are naturally gluten free, but I'm very skeptical of cans that say "seasoned".  I tend to avoid those in the grocery store and go for the ones with labels I don't have to study. I decided to review Allen's Seasoned Green Beans and Potatoes because they shouldn't be passed over so lightly.

I'm all about convenience. Now, I love to cook, but there are days when I have had a hectic work schedule or have worked with our horses all day and I'm just too tired to do anything. I have a full pantry of ingredients for meals, but I also have what I call the "just in case" shelf. This is the place where I keep the stuff that takes no effort, but I can still feed it to my daughter and claim to be a health concious mother. The shelf found a new addition this week with Allen's Seasoned Green Beans and Potatoes.

We love green beans at my house. Usually I add onions and bacon bits to boost the flavor. Now, Allen's has taken care of all that for me! Well, not the bacon, but I didn't miss it. Enough of my babbling, on to the review:

Ease of Use

Open the can, heat and serve, that's it.


The green beans are very green, and they're the plump kind. The potatoes vary in size and are a tan color. There are plenty of onions in the mix too, which makes me very happy.

Taste and Texture

I was very impressed with both the flavor and texture of Allen's Seasoned Green Beans and Potatoes. I kind of expected this to be an experiment that went awry. I could tell that my daughter did too. She took the first bite before me, and after that she treated each potato piece as a little treasure in her garden of green beans :)

The green beans had the perfect texture and the flavor was delicious. There are relatively few potato pieces. The potatoes took on the flavor of the green beans, like they do in veggie soup. The texture of the potatoes was very good, though, not mushy at all.


Allen's Seasoned Green Beans and Potatoes would be a great add-in to soups and casseroles.

Overall Value

You can buy a case (24 cans) of Allen's Seasoned Green Beans and Potatoes on their website for $24. That's only a dollar a can. Also, it is important to note that the cans are the 15oz. size.


Definitely Recommended.

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