Tiramisu Cupcakes from Brody's Bakery

I was very pleased a couple weeks ago when I discovered Brody's Bakery, which is local here in Kansas City. I was even more pleased when I found out they have tiramisu! I haven't had tiramisu since I went gluten free and have really missed it. Not only can I order tiramisu, but I can have tiramisu cupcakes as well. This is fun for me because I love single serve things (like cupcakes).

Brody's Bakery is a vegan bakery and makes many yummy gluten free items as well. This means that I can have my tiramisu cupcakes and eat them too, without the upset that comes with too much dairy :)

Ease of Use

The wrappers practically peel themselves off of these goodies. It makes me feel good to know that they want me to eat them as bad as I do.


White frosting, mini chocolate chips, a sprinkle of cocoa powder in a zebra print paper- very fun! If you cut a tiramisu cupcake in half you can see the marble effect of all the flavor inside. Overall, I'd say the appearance is almost as good as the taste.

Taste and Texture

I am not a vegan, therefore I had no idea what to expect from a vegan gluten free cupcake (especially one as ambitious as a tiramisu cupcake) It was amazing! Very moist inside without any hint of sogginess. it was firm to hold, yet soft and melty to eat. And so good! The flavors blend perfectly, making it fun to eat from the first to the last bite.

Overall Value

You can order a dozen of Brody's Bakery Tiramisu Cupcakes for $14. They are well worth it.


My daughter and I loved these cupcakes so much that we actually sang a song when she ate the last one. It was to the tune of The Last Unicorn and loudly showed our sadness about not having any more.

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  1. Just a warning not to have these shipped! Perhaps if you're local it's a good choice but my product didn't arrive on time, it was returned to her, and I never got refund.