Sandwich Petals

I'm so excited to share this gluten free product review with you today! Mainly because I've been enjoying this product for a week :) I've been hearing about Sandwich Petals (@GFPetals) on Twitter for a long time now, and didn't have a clue what they were.

I was excited to try them until I opened the box and found out they were tortillas (wraps, flatbread). I have only had one other experience with a gluten free wrap and it wasn't pretty. (This was before the days of GFPR, I don't even remember the brand)

Luckily, Sandwich Petals bear absolutely no resemblance to the wrap fiasco of old. On the contrary, they are amazing! I am more than happy to tell you why.

Ease of Use

Gluten Free Sandwich Petals are so easy! You can make a tasty, healthy meal in just a couple minutes.


There are three flavors of Sandwich Petals, each with their own color:
  • Spinach Garlic Pesto (green)
  • Chimayo Red Chile (Dark red-orange) 
  • Agave Grain (Light brown/tan)
All three flavors are oval shaped (they look like flower petals!) Each of the flavors has a visible texture. They are very pretty.

Taste and Texture

It's hard not to be enthusiastic, here. Sandwich Petals are awesome! They have a thick texture to them (in spite of being very thin) and are great to bite into. Each one has a blend of seeds and grains that are very hearty and make you feel like you are eating something very healthy (which you are).

The taste is out of this world! Sandwich petals are so good that you believe you are not eating healthy :) Spinach Garlic Pesto was our favorite, which is saying a lot because I am not fond of pesto (and my daughter makes the "yuck" face every time I mention spinach). It has an earthy, hearty flavor that complimented everything we topped it with. Chimayo Red Chile was perfect for our fajitas, and not spicy. Agave Grain has a slightly sweet flavor that reminded me of honey wheat.


Sandwich Petals are super versatile. You can use them for anything you can imagine, and the flavors enhance everything.

Overall Value

A variety pack of 36 Petals can be ordered online for $25. They offer free shipping in the Continental U.S. and buy one get one free on Mondays. My initial thought was that $25 dollars is a lot to spend at once, but I broke it down quickly-
  1. You only need one Sandwich Petal to have a full lunch.
  2. These are so good!
  3. They would last longer than the same amount spent on gluten free bread (and in most cases be healthier and tastier).
After the breakdown I decided that they are well worth a measly $25.


I cannot say enough good things about Sandwich Petals!

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