Chex Cereal from General Mills

This gluten free product review was so much fun to do! I have signed on to a blogger network called My Blog Spark, sponsored by General Mills. I did it in order to keep track of all the new gluten free products they are releasing (and there are a lot of them!) They sent me coupons to try their cereals, so, try them I did! They also sent along some helpful information about how beneficial cereal can be.

For this review, I worked my way through most of the Chex line. I grabbed Strawberry Chex, Corn Chex, Chocolate Chex and Cinnamon Chex. I cover them all below :)

Ease of Use

As easy as only cold cereal can be! Chex Cereals are easy to serve and eat, perfect for those mornings before school.


Chex have always reminded me of little baskets (Come to think of it, I'm not sure why :)

The Strawberry Chex ranged in color from almost red to pink to white.  Chocolate Chex are varying shades of chocolate brown. Cinnamon Chex are light in color, and glisten a bit with cinnamon and sugar. Corn Chex (which I have to admit are my favorite) are golden in color.

Taste and Texture

To do each of the General Mills Cereals justice, I'll branch out a bit here and do each one individually.

Strawberry Chex- I was really surprised when I tasted these. I admit that I expected them to be super sweet with a fake strawberry hint. I was so wrong! They actually have a very rich flavor to them, not overly sweet at all. They reminded me of a cereal I ate as a kid that had real strawberries inside. They were crisp and delicious.

Chocolate Chex- Again, I was surprised that these were not candy-sweet. They had a great chocolate flavor and great texture. They are great to snack on right out of the box.

Cinnamon Chex-These Chex are super tasty! There is the perfect mix of cinnamon and sugar on each one, meaning that nothing is over-powering.

Corn Chex- They taste as golden as they look! The corn flavor is slightly sweet, but not at the same time (I know, real clear, right?) They are fantastic with a bit of vanilla soy milk.

The thing I really liked about all of the flavors (besides the taste) is the way each little square grabs the milk and holds onto it. You have a minute before sogginess sets in, so enjoy!


More good news here! Chex Cereals have been known for years for being perfect for snack mixes, but with all the new sweet flavors the possibilities are endless. Try making chocolate and strawberry bars, or a savory and sweet mix. The plain varieties are great to crush and use as crispy toppings and coatings.

Overall Value

You can grab a box of Chex Cereal for under $3.50. Best part is, they are available in the cereal isle of every grocery store. There is no hunting for specialty sections with this gluten free cereal. Here's another bonus for you! Along with the coupons I received,  My Blog Spark and General Mills have also supplied a $1 off coupon for you! Get yours by clicking this link.


I love Chex Cereal and highly recommend all the flavors!

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