Kinnikinnick Sesame Bagels

Kinnikinnick Sesame Bagels are on the review block today.  Back in my gluten eating days, I was a bagel addict. I loved to smear them with cream cheese and munch away. Since going gluten free I've been looking to recapture the glory of the bagel days. That did not happen today :(

Ease of Use

Kinnikinnick Sesame Bagels are premade, but not pre-sliced. Be careful that you don't cut your hand! The cutting is the hardest part, though, they are pretty easy to eat. the sesame seeds come off easily, so be prepared with a crumb catcher.


Kinnikinnick Sesame Bagels are nice and round with a perfect golden brown glazed top (as in shiny, not sweet frosting glaze). They are topped with a thick layer of sesame seeds.  After cutting one open, you can see that the inside texture is not dense and chewy like regular bagels, the holes in the crumb are too large.

Taste and Texture

Both of these categories leave much to be desired. The texture is very soft, more like an english muffin. The flavor is lacking in many areas and the bagels themselves have an odd odor to them, especially while being toasted.


Kinnikinnick Sesame Bagels can be used for pizza, sandwiches or smeared with cream cheese.

Overall Value

A package of Kinnikinnick Sesame Bagels sells for $5.60 for a package of four. Not great in the value department.


As a bread, these might have been ok, but as a bagel I can't recommend them.

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