Schar Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers

As promised, today is the second installment of the search for fantastic gluten free wafer cookies. This has been a great gluten free product review for me to do because I love these crispy delights! Okay, admittedly, all my reviews are fun, but this one is like a series...almost.

I started with Glutino Strawberry Wafer Cookies, and now am moving on to a vanilla wafer. Schar Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers to be exact.

Ease of Use

Usually here I insert a witty remark about how easy cookies are, but this time is different. Schar Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers actually have an element of difficulty to them. They are packed very tightly in a foil lined package that needs to be cut open. The tight package is a good idea in theory because it reduces breakage on the shelf, but try getting the first two cookies out without breaking them.


These gluten free cookies are the perfect vanilla wafer color. Creamy colored wafers with sparkling white cream inside. They are covered with a fine dust of the crumbled corners of their package buddies.

Taste and Texture

Schar Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers are paper thin and crispy. They have a very nice texture to bite into. You could eat a million of these and not get full.

Unfortunately, the wafers themselves carry a bit of the "gluten free funk" that I am not fond of. The redeeming quality is the vanilla cream which is tangy, flavorful and delicious.


No real versatility here. It seems like if you tried to crush or crumble these at all you will be left with nothing but powder. They are even a little too fragile to dip or use as garnish.

Overall Value

Schar Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers will run you about $4 for 16 cookies. I'm not sure that will make them my go-to brand.


I recommend Schar Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers as a sometime treat.

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