Purely Decadent non-dairy frozen dessert- in gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough flavor

This gluten free product review is dedicated to my daughter. Her favorite ice cream has always been chocolate chip cookie dough. Due to minor issues with dairy, she doesn’t get ice cream often at all. Being gluten free makes it impossible for her to have the cookie dough flavor. Imagine her delight, when, on a Live Free Gluten Free Tour at Whole Foods last week she was handed a carton of Purely Decadent non-dairy frozen dessert- in gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough flavor!

We bought it, of course, and the next night we grabbed a couple spoons and had at it. Purely Decadent makes their “ice cream” with coconut milk, so it was a totally new experience for both of us.

Ease of Use

Gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough coconut milk ice cream is a lot to say, but easy to eat. Watch out for brain freeze!


It looks like ice cream! This creamy white concoction is full of chocolaty flakes. In my opinion, it could use more chunks of gluten free cookie dough, but that's because I'm a bit of a glutton.

Taste and Texture

The texture of Purely Decadent non-dairy frozen dessert is not as rich as regular ice cream (and not as fattening, I'm sure). It is very smooth and creamy. The chocolate flakes were great, no tooth jarring chunks here. The gluten free cookie dough was great! Perfect texture.

You can definitely taste the coconut flavor here. It was a bit disconcerting with the flavor of the cookie dough at first. Not bad...just different. I liked it enough to finish off the pint with my daughter.


You can put toppings on it.

Overall Value

Here's the rub. The one pint container of Purely Decadent non-dairy frozen dessert was almost $6. My reaction? "Well, I'll buy it for you this time as a treat, but don't get attached to it."


It was good. I'd recommend it for anyone who is really missing cookie dough ice cream.

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  1. Purely Decadent also makes a gluten-free cookie dough ice cream from soy. My little one likes it just as much as the coconut milk variety, and I enjoy the lower price. You can also download a coupon for $1 off the price of any of their products here: http://turtlemountain.com/products/purely_decadent_cookie_dough.html