Love Yourself Body Balm by Marie Natural Botanicals

Facing the gluten free product review criteria today is Love Yourself Body Balm by Marie Natural Botanicals. The sneak peak pack I received from Marie Natural Botanicals was so full of good stuff that I wanted to spread the love a little and switch up the reviews a bit.

I am happy to announce that, although this killer company does not yet have a home on the web, there is now a number you can call for product information and ordering. It is: 888-666-0894.
Okay, on to the Body Balm!

Ease of Use

Love Yourself Body Balm by Marie Natural Botanicals is like a wicked fun science project! It comes in a cute little tin and is a solid consistency. It almost reminds me of lip gloss, but in a bigger container. When you scoop some of the Body Balm out of tin it is slightly grainy and textured. Once you begin rubbing it between your hands, though, all texture disappears and you have nothing but oil. I was a bit nervous about this at first, because I hate to be greasy. I took the plunge and spread it on.

Here is where it gets really cool... Within five minutes there was no greasiness, no residue at all! My skin was baby soft and I didn't have to stay off the furniture! So, not only is Love Yourself Body Balm by Marie Natural Botanicals easy to use, it's really cool!

The only thing I would change is that there would be a mini scoop or something to help it out of the tin. I just hate getting things stuck under my nails.


Love Yourself Body Balm by Marie Natural Botanicals is a creamy color with a slight shimmer. It looks like it might be a bit dry and hard to spread.

Scent and Texture

I think I covered the texture section pretty well in the description of use, but the scent is as yet untouched :)

The scent is soft, fresh and clean. It has notes of citrus and spice, but also something softer, like baby powder. Also, the scent lasts all day, all night too for that matter.


There is a bit of versatility to this gluten free skin care product. The scent is made in such a way that it will blend with and complement virtually any perfume.

Overall Value

A 4oz. tin of
Love Yourself Body Balm by Marie Natural Botanicals will run you about $14.50. The tin will last about a month with regular use. It seemed a bit pricey to me at first glance, but when you factor in the fact that it will replace all of your other lotions and creams with no need to re-apply during the day, it's well worth it.


am seriously addicted to this product. It is an absolute must have.


  1. Brenda Mc CrelessApril 4, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    I just purchased a package of Rice & bean snack chips and was dissapointed to find maltodextrin as a ingredient which is often made from wheat and rarely made from corn. Do you know the source of this ingredient in these delicious chips?

  2. Good Question! I don't know the source for the maltodextrin in those chips. I do know that, unless there is a separate allergy to wheat, maltodextrin is generally a safe ingredient for Celiacs to consume due to to the way it is processed. The gluten has been been removed by the amount of processing needed. Dextrin, on the other hand, is still considered a risk.

    For more information: