Glutino Strawberry Wafer Cookies

I love wafer cookies! Before I went gluten free I would buy the variety pack, with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors in it. They were fun to eat and even though they were packed with sugar they felt like they were better for me than heavier cookies.

It stands to reason, then, that I would seek to find that same happiness with gluten free wafer cookies. I've tried two brands now, but will review them separately because this is not a comparison site. The gluten free product review for today is Glutino Strawberry Wafer Cookies. Look for Schar Vanilla Wafer Cookies to follow.

Ease of Use

I honestly cannot think of a way to make eating a cookie hard. I do need to point out that wafers are very sensitive to temperature, humidity and breakage. Once the package is opened you should transfer the cookies to an airtight container or they will be stale in a day.


Four thin flaky layers of cream colored wafer separated by thick light pink filling. These cookies are thicker than the ones I used to by in bulk and promise to be a real treat.

Taste and Texture

How does Glutino do it? Wafers are picky things. They are often either too brittle or too soft or (gluten free or otherwise) carry a strange flavor. My personal opinion on Glutino Strawberry Wafer Cookies is that they are perfect. Not too hard or soft. They have enough layers that they don't break immediately when you touch them.

The wafers themselves taste very good. The strawberry cream layers are tangy and sweet. Delicious!


These are great to dip in puddings or custard. I wouldn't recommend using them as a crust because they will get very soggy very quick.

Overall Value

There are about 18 cookies in every box. Remarkably, none of them are broken in the box due to the packaging. There is a foil bag containing the cookies that has been nestled inside a cardboard box. This matters in value because most people will pay more for cookies than crumbs. They sell for $4.59 a box online.


I love them!

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  1. Thank you for your review on this cookie. I always loved the wafer sugar cookies and enjoyed eating them. It is great to know we can once again enjoy this cookie. I will be looking forward to your review on the other wafer cookie you found.

    Be Blessed,