Kneaded Specialties White Sandwich Bread

Last week I had the pleasure to visit a new local gluten free bakery. I enjoyed my visit there very much, but enjoyed the food more. The gluten free product review for today will be Kneaded Specialties White Sandwich Bread. I do believe my search for great gluten free bread is over. Read on to find out why.

Ease of Use

This bread is good enough to eat right out of the bag, but why limit yourself? It has enough elasticity that it survived peanut butter and jelly with no problem. The BLT experiment had a bit of crumbling, which is expected because I used very fresh and juicy tomatoes.

What amazed me was when I tried to toast Kneaded Specialties White Sandwich Bread. It is so moist that it needs a very dark setting to toast, a medium setting just warmed it. There is no need for butter either, as the heat just enhances the already fantastic flavors.


The loaf of bread itself is a very generous size. This surprised me because I am used to the downsized versions that gluten free bread usually come in. It is a lovely golden color with texture and bubbles obvious in every slice.

Taste and Texture

"WOW" is not a big enough word to describe Kneaded Specialties White Sandwich Bread. It tastes and smells like "real" bread. The crust provides a soft but firm framework to support the super moist interior. This bread has such a great flavor that when she offered me water to wash it down I turned it down. The heavenly aftertaste deserved to be savored.


Kneaded Specialties White Sandwich Bread has infinite possibilities. It is bread at it's best. Here are a few ideas:
  • Sandwiches (duh)
  • Croutons
  • French Toast
  • Cinnamon Toast
Really, I could go on forever. But it really will be something you want to use for everything!

Overall Value

You can get a half loaf (about the size of the average gluten free loaf) for $5.50. I recommend going for the full loaf ($10.50).

Considering the fact that the price is very comparable to a lot of the other gluten free breads offered and tastes worlds better, I declare it a great value.


I absolutely cannot get enough of Kneaded Specialties White Sandwich Bread!

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