Ener-G White Rice Loaf

There are just not enough gluten free bread reviews here. After today, I'm not sure how many more I'm willing to do:)

As far as gluten free products go, bread is one of the most wanted and most despised. In an effort to get a wide range for my gluten free product reviews, I took the plunge and ventured into the bread basket. See how the Ener-G White Rice Loaf did against the criteria.

Ease of Use

It is very easy to use Ener-G White Rice Loaf, once you get it out of the package. This bread is sealed air tight. Not such a bad thing!


It looks like other loaves of gluten free bread. Like a smaller, perfectly shaped version of a regular bread loaf. It has a smooth textured appearance.

Taste and Texture

This bread is dry, crumbly and virtually flavorless. The texture is somewhat like a dry sponge. It is much better toasted, but you still need to add a lot of butter to get a good flavor. On a lighter note, it did have slight hints of sourdough flavor, which I like.


Bread is infinitely versatile. This bread would be good for making croutons or using as bread crumbs.

Overall Value

A loaf of 12 slices costs about $5.50. It is priced comparably to other gluten free breads.


I will not buy Ener-G White Rice Loaf again. With all of the great new gluten free products out there, I am looking to spend my money on something else.

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