Gluten Free Cheese Based Crust Pizza

Van Harden has introduced the Cheese Based Crust Pizza. The slogan is, "No bread, no kidding!" A pizza with no bread? This I had to see.

It is an interesting concept. With no bread, there is no gluten, but what about crust? I set out to do this gluten free product review with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Ease of Use

Super, super easy! This pizza even comes in it's own pan. You pop it in the oven for ten minutes. After it is baked, let it stand for about five minutes to firm up the crust. After that you can cut it just like any other pizza.


Cheese Based Crust Pizza is very thin. It bakes up the perfect golden brown color. It is very greasy, which really comes as no surprise when you consider that the entire gluten free pizza is made of cheese.

Taste and Texture

I was shocked by the fact that the Cheese Based Crust actually had a texture like bread crust. It was firm and held up pretty well.

The crust had a sharp, complex flavor that proved the claim on the box that several cheeses had made the whole thing possible. It was great! I loved both the taste and texture, but the grease was a bit much for my stomach.


You can change the toppings a million different ways. Either way you slice it, pizza is still pizza.

Overall Value

Gluten Free Cheese Based Crust Pizzas cost ten dollars each in the store. One pizza will give you eight average sized slices. The price itself is comparable to most pizzerias, and less than a lot of other gluten free pizzas. Most gluten free pizza crusts by themselves run about the same price and you have to top them yourself.


Tough call on this one. As great as this gluten free pizza is, I can't give it the highest possible rating. The grease is just too much. I definitely recommend it for an occasional late night pizza fix.

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