Gluten Free Life Muffins

Muffins!! Yay! I love muffins, but good gluten free muffins are hard to find! Either they are muffin-cicles that could double as hockey pucks once thawed or they are so sweet and sugary that I might as well be eating cake. This is not to say that there aren't great recipes out there, just that they are few and far between.

Well, Gluten Free Life, a great local (ish) bakery has supplied the inspiration for this gluten free product review. They offer four different flavors of muffins and since I got to try them all, they are all taken into account for this review. The flavors are Apple Pie, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chip and Blueberry.

Ease of Use

The wrappers on Gluten Free Life Muffins are pretty well sealed, but that is definitely the biggest challenge here. You might want to make sure to have a plate or napkin handy as a crumb catcher.


In the package, all four flavors of Gluten Free Life Muffins look the same. They are a normal size that I remember from my youth (as opposed to the gigantor size that is common today). They are light brown in color and have a coating on top that appears at first glance to be sugar.

Taste and Texture

Gluten Free Life Muffins are so moist and delicious! They even impressed my gluten eating dad who is not big on gluten free food. They are crumbly, but just the way any muffin should be. There is no dryness in site!

The only failing here is that there are not many chunks. There were only a few pieces of fruit and chocolate in each. The muffin itself makes up for it though. I really enjoyed eating them!


As a prebaked gluten free muffin, there is not a whole lot of versatility. They would lend themselves well to a lot of different toppings, jam, cream cheese, butter- but they don't require anything. They are perfect to eat as is.

Overall Value

Each 4 oz. muffin from Gluten Free Life costs $2.79. They are a bit pricey. The major selling point here, aside from the fact that they taste fantastic, is the use of all natural ingredients. They are made from sorghum flour and sweetened with organic cane juice. This is pretty rare when you consider that a good majority of gluten free goodies have no nutrition to them at all due to the use of sugar and rice flour. The nutrition factor has a way (in my mind) of balancing out the price a bit.


I will definitely eat Gluten Free Life Muffins again, and I recommend that that everyone should try them at least once.

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