Contes Margherita Pizza

This gluten free product review comes from a lazy day and a search for convenience : )  I'm still looking for that perfect gluten free pizza experience.  Contes Margherita Pizza with roasted garlic and olive oil offered me another option to try.

Ease of Use

In the grand tradition of frozen pizzas, Contes Margherita Pizza is super simple.  Heat the oven, pop the pizza in and you're done.  I cut mine before eating, but nothing says you have to...


Before and after it is cooked, Contes Margherita Pizza looks like any other frozen pizza.  The cheese is a big shred size and covers very well.  The crust is thin and looks crispy.  There are no chunks on the pizza, despite what the picture on the box shows.

Taste and Texture

The flavor of this gluten free pizza is fantastic!  It has a fresh tomato and garlic flavor that is quite pleasing.  Be prepared to have pretty potent garlic breath for awhile after you eat it.

The outside crust is nice and crisp.  It has a good flavor and texture.  The crust under the toppings is a different story.  It doesn't crisp up and stays very soft and "stick to the teeth chewy".  It still tasted good, but gave the impression of being undercooked (even after baking ten minutes longer than specified).


You can top Contes Margherita Pizza with just about anything.  Other than that, despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to use pizza for anything other than pizza.

Overall Value

 Contes Margherita Pizza costs about ten dollars for a 16 oz. pizza.  It's a decent size and value.


For the fresh tomato and garlic flavor, I would recommend this gluten free pizza.

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