Namsaste Cookie Mix

This gluten free product review is for Namaste Cookie Mix. I'm pretty fond of cookies. Each one is like a happy little bite of yum! Namaste Cookie mix managed to surprise me in spite of the plethora of cookies I've tried.

Ease of Use

No joke, this mix is so easy that my nine-year old daughter mixed up the dough by herself while I was doing other things. Once the dough was mixed, it was easy to grab rounded tablespoons and plop them on the pan. They only take about ten minutes to bake. From start to finish, the entire batch of cookies can take less than 45 minute.


At first, the dough looked really strange to me. I had expected a light colored dough like sugar cookies. What we had was darker and speckled through with black dots. I wasn't worried about the dots, but when I found the big black chunk of what looked like potting soil, I did begin to wonder. A quick check of the ingredients assured me that what I had was ground vanilla bean, a good thing in cookies. The clump broke up very easily and I was able to redistribute the bean with a few stirs.

As for the finished product, gluten free cookies never had it so good! They had a slight sheen to the outside, almost like a glaze but not thick. They were really pretty!

Taste and Texture

Namaste Cookie Mix has an earthy, rich flavor that is just the right amount of sweet. The care it took to develop this recipe shows in the fact that all of the ingredients are natural and recognizable, but the gluten free cookies don't taste gluten free. They almost taste healthy, but not in a health food way. More that they are natural and you can tell.

The texture is unbelievable! They are crunchy, chewy and soft all at once. They are definitely on the must try list for any cookie connoisseur.


Namaste Cookie Mix is very versatile. It has recipes for variations right on the bag. I made jam thumbprint cookies that were awesome! There is also a recipe for Blackberry Crisp with Streusel Topping which shows great promise. This mix has a complexity of flavor that will blend well with any dessert recipe.

Overall Value

A little over $5 gets you a 20 oz. bag of Namaste Cookie Mix. That is a great value when you consider that most gluten free cookie mixes are sold for the same price and only contain 12 to 15 ounces.


I love it!

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