Queen of the Night Facial Cleanser and Oil from Marie Natural Botanicals

Today's gluten free product review is another wonder out of the goodie box from Marie Natural Botanicals. Two of them, actually. Queen of the Night Facial Cleanser and Queen of the Night Oil. The name is a mouthful, but the good kind. It brings to mind images of strong women doing great things. And Cleopatra, which also fits the former... So, aside from the name, what does this product offer?

Everything! My skin was never horrible, but it has never looked so good.

Ease of Use

Queen of the Night Facial Cleanser and Oil are easier to use than the results would suggest. For the cleanser; just shake the bottle, wet your face, massage on with a cloth or fingers, let sit a minute and rinse off. No big production here, but it feels good! It begins to tingle a bit when it sits, almost feels like your skin is waking up.

For the oil, just spread a few drops on your face and throat. (Upward motion of course:) The oil has the opposite effect of the cleanser. It relaxes and moisturizes.

On a side note, I was terrified of putting these oily products on my face. I've used facial oils before and the results were not pretty. I'm so glad I took the plunge though! Like the body balm, Marie Natural Botanicals has delivered more oil that is not oily.


Queen of the Night Facial Cleanser is separated into oil and other until you shake it. Then it is a milky, light yellow color.

Queen of the Night Facial Oil is amber colored and comes in a teeny tiny bottle- so cute! I figured I'd go through it in no time, but you'd be surprised how long it can last at only a few drops a day.

Scent and Texture

Both the oil and cleanser carry the same exotic scent. If the name reminds you of Cleopatra, the scent will take you to her. It is musky, spicy, romantic, soft and sharp all at the same time. It's a scent that stays with you and makes you feel a bit sexy.

There is no weird texture or oddities to report here. The only thing I can say is that the cleanser is pure liquid, so don't expect it to pour like a gel.

Queen of the Night Facial Cleanser is also listed as a body shampoo, but I say bite your tongue! I would not waste one drop of either product looking for other uses. Not when it makes my face so fabulous to see and touch.

Overall Value

Queen of the Night Facial Cleanser costs $32.00, Queen of the Night Facial Oil is $30.00. There is also a toner in the line (which I have not tried) for $25.00. These prices are better than what I've seen online for facial systems, and with fabulous results. My ever shrinking pores lead me to declare this product priceless!


I love this product! I never want to wash my face with anything else again.

On a side note: Marie Natural Botanicals is sponsoring the Gluten Free Thanks for Giving Contest! Check it out and nominate someone who who has made a difference in your gluten free journey. They could win a gift basket worth $75 from Marie!

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