Quinoa Veggie Curls Pasta

In the land of gluten free pasta there are a lot of choices. Some are great, some not so much. Trying new pasta is always a new adventure. That is the case with Quinoa Veggie Curls. I bought them to break up the monotony a bit. Fun shape, fun colors, just fun all around.

As you know by now, the compulsion to try new things is directly linked to the drive to write about them. Here's the scoop!

Ease of Use

Velly easy, Dahlink! Boil the water, toss in the pasta, stir... Veggie curls took about ten minutes for me. Insert usual cautions about not over cooking gluten free pasta here.


This one got the kiddo excited. Red (orange), green and regular pasta colors made this fun to look at. (Think earth tone colors, not a Christmas scheme.) Each piece is a narrow tube that spirals around. It clung to the sauce like a hug! Pretty neat.

Taste and Texture

Quinoa Veggie Curls Pasta is nutritious and delicious! No joke. The ingredients are: Organic corn flour, Organic Quinoa flour, dried organic red bell pepper and dried organic spinach. That's it! It tastes good. You get a slight hint of veggie flavor, very real and earthy. it feels healthy to eat, but not in the unpleasant health food way.

The texture is perfect! The spirally tubey thing really works. It cooks al dente and holds up nicely to any sauce.


The shape of Veggie Curls make them perfect for gluten free casseroles. From mac and cheese to gourmet pasta creations, this stuff can do it all. This pasta can hold up against baking and adds a bit of extra nutrition to any dish.

Overall Value

An 8 oz. box runs less than $3 a box. Great value!


Healthy, tasty and fun. I love the stuff!

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