Nature's Path Sunrise Cereals

Nature's Path is introducing two new gluten free cereals. The Sunrise Cereals are made to be great for everyone. The idea is that no matter what age you are, whether you eat gluten or not, these cereals are for you. Pretty cool concept!

Sunrise Cereals are available in Crunchy Maple Sunrise and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise flavors.

Ease of Use

Nature's Path Sunrise Cereals are as easy as could possibly be to use. They are gluten free cold cereal after all.


Interesting (in the good way). Sunrise cereals are full of different shapes, sizes and textures. There are flakes, crunchy balls, rice crisps, and smaller little balls. The Crunchy Maple Sunrise is a golden brown with a sweet looking sheen to it. The Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal is lighter in color and looks pure (strange adjective, I know, but it fits).

Taste and Texture

Oh my goodness gracious! These are so good! I ate them with vanilla soy milk (regular milk and I don't get along). The textures in both of Nature's Path Sunrise Cereals is amazing! They are crunchy, and fun to eat.

Normally I play the cereal race game. You know, when you pour the milk and eat as fast as you can before it gets soggy. I discovered that the race was not a necessity. I'm not saying there's no soggy factor, there is. As the flakes soften up the balls stay crunchy. It's a whole new texture.

Crunchy Maple Sunrise has a rich and buttery maple flavor. It is a deep and complex flavor that is just the right amount of sweet.

Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise has a rich vanilla flavor that is not too sweet. It has great flavor without making you feel like you're eating candy.


Nature's Path Sunrise Cereals make the perfect toppings for yogurt, ice cream or anything else. It seems that these cereals could prove to be very versatile.

Overall Value

I don't actually have a price on these yet. I would guess that they will run about the same as Nature's Path's other gluten free cereals.


My sister, who is not gluten free, said she would buy Sunrise Cereals on a regular basis. Her favorite was the Crunchy Maple Sunrise. Me? I opted for the Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise, but agree that I loved them both.

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