DeBoles Rice Lasagna

I love pasta! That being said, I had a very hard time beginning my gluten free diet due to what I was giving up. When exploring gluten free pastas, I found that I really did not like the flavor of rice pasta (except for Asian varieties). Therefore, I was very skeptical when I came across DeBoles Rice Lasagna. This Gluten Free Product Review is for all of you who are as skeptical as I am when exploring the grocery store.

Ease of Use

DeBoles Rice Lasagna is incredibly easy to use! You don't need to boil them. Just layer the dry noodles with sauce and topping, then bake. Like any lasagna, baking time is pretty long (about an hour) But if you plan ahead a little you can still easily have lasagna on a weeknight.


The appearance of DeBoles Rice Lasagna will vary greatly by the kind of lasagna made. The noodles themselves thicken a bit while cooking and look very appetizing.

Taste and Texture

Here is where I must admit my shocked pleasure over this product. As previously mentioned, I am not fond of rice pasta. DeBoles Rice Lasagna has become the exception to that rule.

I made a Spinach Chicken Lasagna and a traditional Beef Lasagna, both turned out great! They taste wonderful, with no weird aftertaste and the texture is amazing.

I will caution you to use plenty of sauce, however, otherwise the top layer of your lasagna will be a little too al dente.

Overall Value

For $2.79 a box (plus the cost of your other ingredients) DeBoles Rice Lasagna can make a lasagna big enough for 4-6 people. If you stretch portions with salad and gluten free bread you could feed up to 8 people. That's pretty good value!


I love this product. It does exactly what it claims with no unpleasant surprises.

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