Soft Baked Snickerdoodle Cookies from Enjoy Life

Gluten free cookies and milk anyone? How about a soft baked Snickerdoodle cookie from Enjoy Life? This bright and colorful box promises that the product contained within is free of just about every allergen known to man. I say that's great! Bring it on!

It did make me wonder, though, with all that's being left out, what's left to make cookies out of? Not chemicals, apparently. There was not one ingredient on the list that I couldn't pronounce. That, in itself, rates pretty high with me.

Ease of Use

Open mouth, insert cookie.


These gluten free cookies are pretty small. Some would call them bite sized, though I prefer smaller bites. They are the delicious brown color of cinnamon.

Some of the cookies were a bit squished, though not reduced to crumbles. Initial impression: These smell pretty darn good!

Taste and Texture

Gluten free Snickerdoodle cookies from Enjoy Life taste pretty darn good too. They have a cinnamon sugar goodness spread throughout, not just an outer coating. The warm cinnamon taste is well balanced, not too much of anything.

They really are soft! Not the kind of soft where they crumble in your hand, the kind that holds together well and is nice to bite into. There are chewier bits spread through these gluten free cookies that have a texture like crystallized honey. It didn't detract from the taste at all and left me wondering whether the texture came from the date paste or the brown sugar.


You can make these cookies as versatile as you want. Snack food, pie crust, ice cream topping- cookies are cool like that.

Overall Value

Soft Baked Snickerdoodle Cookies from Enjoy Life sell for $3.65 for a box of one dozen cookies. They are more of a sometime indulgence rather than an every week buy.


I recommend these gluten free cookies. I will definitely buy them again.

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