DeBoles Corn Spaghetti

Ahhh, pasta. One of the things most missed by people new to a gluten free diet. There are so many options available, and some are not so great. Some, however pass the test. DeBoles Corn Spaghetti did, read on to find out why.

Ease of Use

Cooking gluten free pasta can be a bit of a challenge, and DeBoles Corn Spaghetti is no exception. Bring the water to a full boil. Add the pasta and then stir and separate the strands until the water boils again. If you don't, the pasta will clump up.

The instructions say cook 8-10 minutes, but I recommend you begin checking for doneness at 6 minutes. This will ensure that you don't overcook, giving you a pot of mush.


DeBoles Corn Spaghetti has strands that are a light yellow-orange color. It looks like spaghetti.

Taste and Texture

DeBoles Corn Spaghetti has the closest taste I've found to regular spaghetti. It works well with any sauce, including olive oil, and has no unpleasant aftertaste.

If cooked right, the texture of this gluten free pasta is perfect. It has a nice bite to it and has no problem winding around a fork.


Top it, mix it, anything goes! I've even used it as a crust for a spaghetti pie.

Overall Value

You can buy DeBoles Corn Spaghetti for about $2.39 a box. Not too shabby!


This has become one of my favorite gluten free products, and a must have pantry staple.

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