Nature's Path Organic WholeO's

In keeping with the importance of breakfast, the Gluten Free Product Review for today is Nature's Path Organic WholeO's. This is a new whole grain gluten free cold cereal that is made from corn and rice. The box tells me it is "sweetened with just the right amount of pomegranate juice".

Ease of Use

As far as gluten free cold cereals go, the use of Nature's Path Organic WholeO's is, well, exactly like all the others. Pour in bowl, add milk, enjoy. Though adding the extra step of drizzling a little bit of honey is not a bad idea either.


This may be the only time in my life that this has ever happened, but Nature's Path Organic WholeO's really do look exactly like the picture on the box. They are golden O's with a bubbled texture. They even look crispy, and have a slight sheen that promises good things to come.

Taste and Texture

Nature's Path Organic WholeO's are light and crispy. Their texture is much more like Cap'n Crunch (without the sugar coating) than Cheerios. They have a light texture and are fun to eat. They even hold up well in the milk bath.


Gluten free cold cereal is not the most versatile thing in the world. You can cover it with milk, snack on it dry or crunch it up as a topping. Either way, this stuff is pretty good.

Overall Value

Nature's Path Organic WholeO's cost $4.59 a box. This is still more pricey than most regular cereals, but pretty comparable to other gluten free cold cereals. It is very nutricious and more "grown up" than a lot of the choices available. I would call it a pretty good value.


This cereal is tasty and healthy, a great combination. If you are a fan of cereal, this one definitely deserves checking out.


  1. This cereal is amazing. Thanks for the review. I love Nature's Path gluten free offerings from Mesa Sunrise to its EnviroKidz line. You should review their Mesa Sunrise - would be interested to hear what you have to say!