Ener-G Gourmet Crackers

Ener-G Gourmet Crackers are the subject for this Gluten Free Product Review. As an avid snacker and dipper, I am always on the lookout for great gluten free crackers. This little box boasts gluten free, egg free, wheat free, milk free, lactose free, low saturated fat and no cholesterol. Seems like they've covered most allergies and nutritional needs, but how much room does that leave for taste?

Ease of Use

I would feel bad skipping this category completely, seeing as how I'm the one that came up with the criteria in the first place, but it seems unnecessary. These crackers can be enjoyed in three easy steps:
  1. Open the box.
  2. Open the cellophane packet.
  3. Eat

Ener-G Gourmet Crackers are large and golden brown. You can tell by looking at them that they are layered and possibly flakey. They have a good thickness and the uneven bubbled texture that all the best baked goods carry.

Taste and Texture

These crackers are really good! I was a bit surprised at how satisfying they were. They have the flakey, buttery texture of a Ritz with more of a Saltine flavor. They remind me of the "gourmet" crackers I used to buy before I went gluten free.


Ener-G Gourmet Crackers are as versatile as any good crackers should be. They are perfect for quick blood sugar boosts and easy lunches. They're great soup dippers and munch well with salads.

Overall Value

Ener-G Gourmet Crackers sell for $4.65 a box on their website, but I've found them much cheaper in stores. There are approximately 18 large crackers per box, which lasts longer than you may think. They are well worth the money to keep them on hand.


These gluten free crackers are tasty, versatile and fun to munch. I love them!

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