Now Gluten Free Baking Mix

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As such, it's really important to choose the right foods to make this meal worth waking up early for. Today's Gluten Free Product Review is Now Gluten Free Baking Mix. Now, I realize that a good baking mix can be used for lots of things, but in my house it generally goes to the all important cause of pancakes and waffles.

Ease of Use

Now Gluten Free Baking Mix comes in a bag without a resealable top. The bag has a large panel describing the nutritional benefits of the mix (which are numerous) but no instructions for its use. There is a small suggestion that consumers visit the website for recipes using this mix.

Upon visiting the website, I found more information about nutritional benefits, but had to look around a bit to find the recipes I needed. It was a little more involved than I had hoped for, but workable.


I made pancakes and waffles from the Now Gluten Free Baking Mix (it was a BIG breakfast). Both rose up nicely and had an appetizing golden brown appearance.

Taste and Texture

The finished product had a smooth and soft texture. The taste was a bit strange to me, almost minty. My family didn't identify the taste as minty, necessarily, but agreed that there was definitely an odd flavor.


Now Gluten Free Baking Mix is extremely versatile. On their site you can find recipes for all sorts of baked goods, from cakes and muffins to pancakes. It is also very good for you. It's made from brown rice flour and has the benefits of flax seed. It would be an asset to a healthy diet.

Overall Value

I found Now Gluten Free Baking Mix online for $4.99 a bag. This is a pretty good price! The bag is fairly large by gluten free standards and claims to contain 17 servings.


I was not fond of the flavor of this mix, or the lack of instructions for its use. Because no amount of value, versatility or even nutrition can outweigh taste, I cannot (regretfully) recommend this product.


  1. I cannot totally agree. The recipe from NOW on line for their gluten free chocolate chip cookies corrected all my failed attempts. They were very good, though a little too crunchy so I stuck a little "humidifier bear" in the cookie jar which made them perfect. I have not tried it for anything else, but cookies made it worth the price.

  2. I cannot agree with the above review. I have been using NOW gluten free mix for several years.It is my favorite product. I have adapted ingredients and love the end product. I use coconut flour as an additional ingredient when doing muffins. Love the the results...LOVE THE FLAVOR!!!!