Contes Cheese Ravioli

I ate gluten free cheese ravioli this week! This is exciting for me because I've been ravioli-less for over two years. I didn't even know they made gluten free ravioli until Poj surprised me with it this week. As a longtime fan of stuffed pasta, I cannot tell you how happy it made me that he found Contes Cheese Ravioli. It is frozen, so you will find it in the freezer case where you buy your gluten free goodies.

Ease of Use

Contes Cheese Ravioli cooks for 6-8 minutes in simmering water. You have to watch them closely. Too little time in the water and the pasta will be tough and chewy, too much time and the pasta will turn to mush and shred on you.


This picture shows the outside of the ravioli in all it's shining glory. The inside is made of firm ricotta cheese with bits of green herbs mixed in.

Taste and Texture

The texture of these gluten free raviolis is fantastic! The pasta is soft enough to melt in your mouth (in the good way). The filling stays firm enough to add just the right amount of bite and texture.

Unfortunately, the flavor is pretty bland. The pasta has almost no flavor and the filling was very mild. On the other hand, bland flavor is much better than bad flavor :)


This is where the bland flavor could be a benefit. These gluten free cheese raviolis are endlessly versatile because they will take on the flavor of any sauce you put on them. I even see great possibilities for dessert ravioli.

Overall Value

Contes Cheese Ravioli comes in a 12 oz. package, which holds 2 1/2 servings. The package will cost upwards of $10. The price and the small amount combine to place this gluten free pasta firmly in my "special occasion" category. They will be great for anniversary dinners and such, but cost too much to feed them to the family on a weekly basis. On a side note, what is the recommended use of that half serving? Is that for the child in the house?


I recommend this gluten free ravioli to stuffed pasta addicts everywhere.

Cheese Ravioli Filling on Foodista


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  3. I purchased the gluten free cheese tortellini recently. I was thrilled to be able to eat tortellini again, however, this product was a huge miss re: flavor and texture. I called the company 2x to provide feedback and ask how to get my money back via the grocery store or conte’s. It’s been 2 weeks and no response. I have never reached out to a company to get a refund. That is how much I disliked this product. The lack of response tells are not interested in my feedback. I really like to know who test tasted this before it went to market.

    1. This comment is for conte's gluten free cheese tortellini