Caramel Apple On-the-Go Bars from Enjoy Life

Caramel Apple On-the-Go Bars from Enjoy Life are up for review today. Back in the gluten eating days we loved cereal bars and Newton bars, but I didn't see many of those options when we started our gluten free adventure. D.D. and I were excited last time we went to the store and really looked to see how many gluten free snack bar options there are now. As official snack addicts, we take this stuff seriously (well, as seriously as we take anything...)

Ease of Use

Enjoy Life On-the-Go Bars are individually wrapped which means they are super easy to take along and eat anywhere. They are also pretty solid on texture and not melty so they are purse approved.


I am really drawing a blank on how to describe the appearance, and I realize that the photo I snapped is a bit blurry. I hope it gives a good enough idea...

What I can tell you is that these things are tiny! When D.D. first unwrapped one she exclaimed, "Look Mom! They're so cute and little!" There are five bars in a box. In order to share the wealth equally, D.D. and I split bar number five between us. Each of us got about a bite and a half, and I take small bites.

Taste and Texture

Caramel Apple On-the-Go Bars have a good flavor to them. They taste very natural and, dare I say it- healthy! The flavor is mild without being bland. I love the fact that they aren't super sweet, just enough to make your mouth happy. I would like a bit more caramel flavor, though.

These gluten free snacks have a nice chewy texture. There are different textures mixed in, a little grain, some softness and a couple chewy apple bits. They are solid and firm.


I bet you could make a pretty tasty crust out of these, but it wouldn't be very cost effective. I recommend that you use them as they were intended- just eat them :)

Overall Value

A box of five 1 ounce bars will cost you $3.99. That's not a terrible price, but not a great bargain either. These go too fast in my house to buy them all the time, but they are perfect for roadtrip snacks.


I recommend Caramel Apple On-the-Go Bars from Enjoy Life on the basis of taste and texture. They won't fill you up, but they are a great blood sugar boost in the afternoon.

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