Gluten Free Houston Sandwich Rolls/Hamburger Buns

For our gluten free product review today, we're going back to gluten free breads. More to the point, gluten free rolls :) These rolls from Gluten Free Houston can be used for just about anything. Three out of the four that got sent to my house were commandeered by my daughter to make mega-egg sammiches. It takes quite a bun to stand up to the sausage, bacon egg and cheese sandwiches that D.D. loves, so this was a great test.

Ease of Use

These gluten free buns are not split when you get them. They cut cleanly and easily with any kind of serrated knife. The cut is not so clean with a butter knife, however, as evidenced by the amount of crumbs left behind when D.D. tried.


Gluten Free Houston does not skimp on the portion sizes when it comes to their gluten free rolls. The buns are large enough to make an impressive sammich.

Taste and Texture

The first thing I should point out about these gluten free rolls is the smell. Right out of the package they have a fresh baked smell, with not a hint of strangeness.

They taste great! The flavor is very fresh and tasty. It is also versatile enough to compliment any type of sandwich. The only issue that I had was that they are dry. Not a crumbly, grainy type of dry (which is common) but more like a day-old baguette. On the other hand, it is probably the texture that makes these gluten free rolls so spread friendly. The bread doesn't absorb moisture the way that a lot of gluten free breads do. The lack of sogginess makes for a better sandwich experience overall.


I could not even begin to list all of the possible uses for these gluten free rolls! The flavor is such that they are good for anything you can imagine needing gluten free bread for.

Overall Value

You can get a 4-pack of Gluten Free Houston Hamburger Buns for $6.95. I wouldn't call this a bargain price, but it's not completely extravagant either. The value of this product fits into my "sometime indulgence" category.


Gluten free Hamburger Buns/Sandwich Rolls from Gluten Free Houston come recommended by both D.D. and I. 

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