Chocolate Tortilla Chips from Food Should Taste Good

My husband does the majority of the grocery shopping in our house. This created a new adventure for me when we agreed that he would pick a random gluten free product from the grocery store each week for me to try for GFPR. A lot of what comes home is a variation on other brands I've tried. We've tried a plethora of gluten free crackers, crusts and cookies. I was a tad surprised when I asked for the latest find and was handed a bag of chocolate flavored tortilla chips.

Yes, Chocolate Chips! I looked sideways at the bag and said, "Seriously?!" He just shrugged and replied, "You said to be creative." About that time, D.D. walked into the room. Her eyes completely lit up when she saw the bag. Right there she decided that since they were chips, they didn't fit under the candy rules, which meant she could have as much as she wanted :)

I checked the nutrition information and had to agree with her when I saw that there were only 4 grams of sugar per serving. We decided that these new chocolate chips were a great addition to the popcorn for Family Movie Night. I made D.D. wait until then to open the bag.

Ease of Use

As easy as a bag of chips should be! The bag is thick enough that the rattling didn't even detract too much from the movie soundtrack.


The chips look a lot like the picture on the bag. They are thick and have an uneven texture. The bag, I must say, is very stylish.

Taste and Texture

First, the texture: Chocolate Tortilla Chips from Food Should Taste Good have a great texture. They are thick, textured and crunchy. The sea salt is visible on each chip and creates an extra demension to the snacking.

Now for the flavor: Oh my! These gluten free chips have a rich dark chocolate flavor that is hard to resist. It is a sweet and salty snacking combination worth repeating!


I'm sure we could find a million and one uses for Chocolate Tortilla Chips, but I can't keep them on hand long enough to find out what they are. I would love to hear the uses that you have found.

Overall Value

The bag of Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Tortilla Chips can be bought for under $3. Unfortunately, The chips don't last very long- I'm honestly not sure if that is due more to the small quantity in the bag, or D.D.'s chocolate addiction. Whatever the reason, our bag didn't make it through the whole movie :)


I recommend that everyone try these chips at least once.

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