Rudi's Gluten Free Tortillas

Rudi's has gotten into the gluten free tortilla game, and they obviously know how to play. There are three different flavors, and each one is pretty special. D.D. and I attacked these like a couple of vultures and made sure to thoroughly test them... for you, of course.

Ease of Use

These tortillas are just as soft and pliable as the package promises they will be. I was able to make wraps and eat them with one hand! The instructions recommend heating the tortillas a bit before using them, but I found that they were just as good straight out of the package. The fact that the packages are resealable is a huge plus in the ease of storage.


There are three flavors available. The spinach flavor is bright green, with darker green flecks throughout. The fiesta flavor is creamy white with flecks of red, orange and green. They look festive! The plain tortillas are creamy-white. All of the flavors are super thin.

Taste and Texture

All of the tortillas have a soft and pliable texture. They are not fluffy, like a flour tortilla, but they are not stiff either. They are smooth and even to bite into, even the ones that obviously have goodies added to them.

The spinach tortillas taste like spinach. They have a green, earthy flavor with just a hint of bitterness.

The fiesta flavor is well-rounded and fresh. The flavor is subtle. Just enough to be noticed, but not enough to overpower any recipe. They were my favorite of the three.

The plain tortillas tasted plain. They had very little flavor of their own.
Look how crispy the edges of my quesadilla are! I love that! This is the fiesta flavor.


This is the thing I love about tortillas -- They are so versatile! These are even more versatile than most since they are so pliable. You can fry them into taco bowls, bake them into chips, wrap up your favorite fillings or make a pan of enchiladas. I have tried quesadillas and wraps, next I think I will fry a couple of the plain ones into bowls, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar and fill them with ice cream.
I ate these wraps one-handed :)

Overall Value

The recommended sale price is $5.99 for a package of eight tortillas. Not a bad price -- I am in the habit of paying more for a package of only six gluten free tortillas.


I love them! All three flavors have their uses and are worth checking out.

Disclaimer Time: Rudi's was kind enough to send me these tortillas to review, but I am under not obligation to give a favorable review, or really any kind of review. I am also under no obligation to mention Rudi's Facebook promotion, but it's fun so I'm going to:

Rudi's is hosting a What's Under Wraps? Giveaway Promotion on Facebook. It's a really cute idea. Each day you click on the question mark and guess what's hiding under the tortilla. You don't even have to guess right to win :) They've got some great prizes. You can try to win one by clicking on the picture below and liking Rudi's on Facebook. Good Luck!
 What's Under Wraps? Giveaway 

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  1. Eleanor from Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery here! What great recipes! Thanks for sharing:)